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It is not only the well-known names of directors and actors that bring about the success of a film, but all contributions - the direction, the acting, the filming, the production design, the music and the editing - must be of a similarly high standard.

The Production Designer is allotted a special task: the design for a photographic medium does not merely serve as a backdrop, but an original creative contribution, bearing great relevance for the plot and the atmosphere.

The expressionist German films, which made film history after the first world war, were shaped to a great extent through the work of the production designer, as in METROPOLIS, THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI, or THE MONSTER OF FATE.

The production design, which includes the art direction, is the result of a creative design process and therefore an artistic product.

This book takes up the cudgels for art in film, above all for the careful design of images. Very little has been written on the multifaceted and demanding profession of production design. The publication by the two experienced Production Designers, Heidi and Toni Lüdi, aims to fill this gap. Using well-known films and television series as examples, they describe the complicated process leading to the final production design of a film.

They deal with the pros and cons of filming on location or in the studio, in great detail, they discuss the problematic nature of historical or contemporary production design and shed light on the confusion surrounding terms relating to the profession that has come about because of the different development in film production in Europe and America. This richly and informatively illustrated volume is a must for anyone involved in the film business, and just as much for those interested in artistic film.

Since their studies in fine Arts in London and Munich, Heidi and Toni Lüdi have been involved in the production design for uncountable film and television productions, among them, such famous productions as THE MAGIC MOUNTAIN, EDITH'S DIARY, WINGS OF DESIRE, THE BEAR, "LINDENSTRAßE" and DIE ZWEITE HEIMAT. Both are actively involved in their professions; they pass on their experience to younger generations in numerous talks and seminars, Toni Lüdi as professor at the Fachhochschule Rosenheim since 1989.

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