„Wings of Desire“

This film was made in 1986, mainly on location in the west part of Berlin and the Havel Studios. Studio sets were built for: Viktoria, Marion´s mobile home interior and the spire of the "Gedächtniskirche" (Church of Remembrance in Berln) The total budget came to appoximately 2,5 million € (Euro)

Bruno Ganz and Otto Sanders played the angels. Peter Falks role was that of a fallen angel, released from heaven. The sets were to be characterised by simple, clear, straight and generous forms through the use of calm, brightness and wide expanses. This went not only for the border zone at the Wall but for the angels´s library as well.

What features do angels possess ? Angels can only be seen by children. They can´t recognise colours. They have no sence of taste and of cource dont weight anything. They can see the past, present and future at the same time and only in black and white. Damile (Bruno Ganz) decides he wants to become a mortal due to the love he has for a woman.