The impressive drafts – that are full of atmosphere – sketch out the looked-for images as they will be filmed.
The supervising Art Director explains to the professor and students the steps for planning. One of many models, it depicts a village destroyed in the war.
Countless storyboards attempt to bring across as exactly as possible the sequence in which the scenes will be shot during film making.
An interested specialist with the building – near London – that depicts the war in France.

I was able to work on Band of Brothers as Art Director and Set Decorator for those episodes which were filmed in Switzerland.

Once again it was impressive how Anthony Pratt headed the Art Department; the immense amount of preparation and the exact care taken in the drafting and planning was comparable to an international production.

We were also aware of this production through two visits to London which took place as part of an excursion with students from the Production Design for Film and Television course here in Munich. As a result, we were able to gain a thorough insight into the planning and realisation of this project.


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