Das Frankfurter Kreuz
Production designer: Toni Lüdi, production design asssistant: Richard Stadler, set decorator: Claudia Hasenstab

"Das Frankfurter Kreuz", is a 60 minutes story made for the TV station Arte and has a number of particular aspectswhich deserve a mention. The story is set in a "watering hole", a pub, in Frankfurt. After some research the production designers drew up their illustrations. All the possibilities were weighed up: first of all "realism" - everything filmed on location; the second possibility "naturalism" - everything built specially; and the third alternative - a "cinemagic" combination of typical set construction combining the studio set and filming exteriors on location. The possibility of using electronic compositions and green screens was also looked into.
All those involved looked at each of the alternatives in depth and finally the "cinemagic"option was chosen as the best solution implemented. Two nights were spent filming on location in Düsseldorf and eighteen days in the studio in Cologne.