"Forbidden (Versteckt) "
Production designer: Toni Lüdi, set decorator: Heidi Lüdi

The film is based on the life of Countess Maria von Maltzan in the "Ttird Reich". In 1986 she published her life story under the title Schlage die Trommel und fürchte dich nicht. She was one of the few upstanding people of that time; she hid her lover, aGerman/Jewish publisher, learned of the injustice through her relationship to him and courageously committed herself, totally selflessly to the underground movement. She helped many victims to flee persecution in Germany.

The usual combination of locations - both real-life location, which have to be adapted and studio construction - was acceptably sucessful.
The principle actress's apartment - Jacqueline Bisset was the young countess - and the courtyard in Berlin belonging to it were designed and built in the studio.
Designing and furnishing an apartment according to the period shows how important the language of objects is in film. They create the effect of the right period, giving the rooms the right mood. The same goes for the period lamps and light fittings chosen by the production designer which determine the character of the mood created by the light.